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Here’s How to Order Dairy Queen’s Oreo Mud Pie Blizzard off the Secret Menu

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Here’s a secret about Dairy Queen.

Their blizzards are unbeatable during the summer season, but alright, we all knew that.

Courtesy of Dairy Queen

Although what you may not know is, that the sweet treat shop has a secret menu Blizzard that might just be better than the ones on the regular menu.

Enter, the Oreo Mud Pie Blizzard.

Courtesy of @dqhelena

Thanks to TikToker @dqhelena who spilled the details on Dairy Queen’s secret menu item, this blended milkshake requires two types of fudge!

I mean, how could anyone ever go back to ordering off the regular menu after hearing about a Blizzard that has two fudge varieties.

Courtesy of @dqhelena

So what’s included in this blizzard you ask?

You can count on the sweet treat to have a vanilla soft serve base that’s mixed with Oreo chunks, coffee flavoring, and cold and hot fudge.

Courtesy of @dqhelena

And let’s not forget about the whipped cream to garnish, all while being stuffed into a Blizzard cup that you can flip upside down.

Courtesy of @dqhelena

So if there was any reason to skip dinner and go right to dessert, this Blizzard would be it.

If anyone needs me, you can find me at Dairy Queen.

Courtesy of @dqhelena

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