This Family Found A Million Pennies While Cleaning a Relative’s Home and Now They Don’t Know What to Do With Them

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It’s always nice to find five bucks or even twenty after cleaning a small space in your home.

Now just imagine finding a million pennies instead of five bucks that have been sitting in your home unknowingly.

John Reyes and his wife were recently cleaning his wife’s late father’s former home in Los Angeles when they found more than just a few bucks and dust bunnies.

One million pennies were spotted in a crawlspace from the basement thanks to John and his cousin who made the discovery according to KTLA.

Elizabeth’s father Fritz along with the father’s brother were German immigrants who resided in the house for decades until the father died and his brother then moved away.

“They kept everything,” said John Reyes to KTLA.

John Reyes
Courtesy of John Reyes

Locating the pennies began with noticing some loose change in the basement which then led them to some boxes and eventually, dozens of bank bags filled with pennies were soon discovered.

And after weighing the bags, John’s family estimated that there were at least 1 million pennies sitting in front of them!

The family has since confirmed that the pennies are made from copper rather than zinc which the U.S. changed to in 1982.

“‘We’ve got to take these to Coinstar,’” Reyes had first though until changing his mind. “We didn’t want to pay 8%, and there’s no way we can take these all the way [home] to (Ontario, California).”

John Reyes

So where are the pennies now?

After struggling to search for a bank that would take the pennies off their hands, the family made the final decision to sell the several bags of pennies on OfferUp for $25,000.

“The value is in the uniqueness,” Reyes explained to KTLA.

John Reyes

Who knows? They could be sitting on a gold mind. After all, some pennies have sold for thousands to over a million dollars each!!

Courtesy of John Reyes

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