The ‘Blackout Challenge’ on TikTok May Have Deadly Consequences

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This is one of the scariest and most upsetting things I’ve ever read…

Yet again, there is another stupid and horrible TikTok challenge going around and this one is mega dangerous and scary.

The TikTok Challenge is called ‘Blackout Challenge’ or ‘Pass Out Challenge’ and it encourages kids to self-asphyxiate.

Yes, this is real and yes this is just completely awful.

While this challenge started going around about a year ago, it is still happening right now.


As of today, Doctors in Italy have declared a 10-year-old girl brain dead after she tied a belt around her neck to self-asphyxiate as part of this challenge.

My heart just breaks for her family. I can’t even imagine especially since I have a 10-year-old son. I just can’t imagine!!

Kids are doing this so they “pass out” but the prolonged lack of oxygen to their brain is causing all sorts of damage.

In fact, doctors are warning and want parents to know that doing this is incredibly dangerous and can lead to seizures, brain damage, and death.

The good news is, TikTok seems to be taking down the videos but it isn’t enough.

Parents, we have to talk to our kids and express how stupid and dangerous this is. And how dangerous any of these challenges are.

We have to protect our babies. My heart hurts right now and I hope no other child gets hurt from this challenge.

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