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These African Rain Frogs Look Like Sad Avocados and Have An Adorable Squeak Sound

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This little frog is probably one of the strangest and cutest things I have ever come across!

Image credits: DamianVanAswegen

They are called Black Rain Frogs and are found in the southern slopes of the Cape Fold in South Africa. The scientific name for these frogs is Breviceps fuscus.


They like to burrow in the fringes of the forest, so they don’t even require open water. They can actually create tunnels by burrowing that are up to 150 mm deep!

They look so sad and grumpy! I just want to hug them and tell them that everything little thing will be alright.


They don’t always look so upset and angry though. They only do this when they feel threatened or get disturbed. They will puff up with air to make themselves look larger so that they present an aggressive look to try to keep themselves safe.


Some people are so obsessed with the Black Rain Frogs appearance that they have them as pets. They say they are very comical.


Ok Backwater team this frog is hilarious! Our family loves our new addition, thank you for a pet that’s bringing us so much enjoyment! We’ll likely be back for another one.

Sharon Debusey

Add in the adorable squeaks they make with that grumpy sad face and you have one cute little critter. Another fun fact is that the males will actually stay in the burrow so that they can guard the eggs!

Nature is amazing! I would love to see one of these in person sometime!


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