How To Stay Comfortable When Getting Fit

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I will never forget the first time I went to the gym after having my daughter. The only thing I owned that even remotely resembled workout clothes was a T-shirt I painted her room in, a nursing bra and a pair of my husband’s old cut off sweat pants. It wasn’t just that I looked ridiculous that bothered me, it was that I was crazy uncomfortable. My clothes didn’t breathe, I didn’t feel like I could move the way I wanted, and everything was just so stiff. That’s when I vowed to always have the right clothes for the occasion. Even working out. how to stay comfortable while getting fit

How To Stay Comfortable When Getting Fit

stay comfortable while working outBuy a good sports bra. Sports bras have come a LONG way. You want one that holds everything in place, that is the MOST important, but you also want one that pulls the sweat AWAY from your body. The dryer the better in those parts. The new line from Champion GEAR allows me to work out with Seamless comfort and Pure Performance with their apparel.champion clothing-0364 Find shorts that don’t ride up. There is nothing worse than shorts sliding up showing off all the parts you don’t want to show off while you’re running. You need to be focused on your distance, your speed, your breathing, not falling over and passing out because you haven’t ran in a year… or two– so find some super comfortable shorts that move WITH you, not against you. Champions GEAR offers exclusive seamless technology, high tech, luxury feel at a great value, plus the added bonus to how cute the pieces are. champion clothing-0360-2 Get a shirt that moves. When I mean moves– I mean something that won’t stick to you. I am just NOT one of those girls that can work out in tight stuff. I need my clothes to be nice and flowey. (Flowey isn’t a word by the way, I totally made that up.) The most important part of staying comfortable? BE comfortable and confident. You’re working out! No matter what you wear, at least you aren’t sitting on the couch!

We found our cute comfy workout clothes by checking out the Champion GEAR exclusively at Sports Authority! Their stuff is adorable!

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