This Crochet Egg Apron Holds More Than A Dozen Eggs And Is Perfect For The Person Who Has Chickens

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Add this at the top of must-haves for chicken owners… There is a Crochet Egg Apron That Holds More Than A Dozen Eggs. It is totally perfect For The Person Who Has Chickens!

Genius, right?

This Crochet Egg Apron wraps around the person who has chickens and is the perfect way to carefully store those eggs as you collect them.

It even has a large side pocket to hold your cell phone or any other thing you may need while out collecting eggs.

The sad news is, this isn’t just something you can buy.

This is actually a crochet pattern you can buy for $4.00 on etsy. The etsy shop HeartHookHome created this file and it’s a best seller!

For this egg-cellent egg gathering apron we will create a back/main portion, three strips that we will use for pockets, one large pocket is placed last, for your cell phone, to-do list, pen… whatever. Then we will add a strap, doubled-up for added durability. Harvest up to NINETEEN eggs in your egg gathering apron each morning!

Yes, you read that right, once finished, the apron will hold up to 19 eggs!! Amazing!

Now all you need is to gather your crochet supplies along with this pattern so you can get to making your own.

You can buy the crochet egg apron file here.

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