Peaches and Cream Shooters

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The weekends are my time to unwind and enjoy some “me” time. Okay, I lied I don’t really get “me” time until after the kids go to bed but I like to think I do! Whenever I have some down time I like to spend it playing video games with my husband, reading a good article online, or crafting away. Those are things I get joy from and you know what else brings me joy? A yummy tasting jello shot. Today I’ve partnered with Reddi-wip to bring you this recipe for Peaches and Cream Shooters!peaches and cream shooters

What You’ll Need to Make Peaches and Cream Shooters:

  • Peach Gelatin Mix
  • Peach Vodka (I used Pinnacle)
  • Shot Glasses
  • Reddi-wip for Garnish
  • Peaches Sliced, (optional for garnish)

How to Make Peaches and Cream Shooters:

  1. Prepare your gelatin according to the directions on the package. I typically heat the water in the microwave to cut down on time.
  2. Add your peach vodka and stir well. The amount you add will depend on how many boxes of gelatin you use I typically use about 6 oz for each small box of gelatin mix. Tip: Add the vodka after you’ve added the cold water to the gelatin mix so you don’t heat the alcohol out.
  3. Fill your shot glasses with the mixture until they are almost full. Leave about 1/2 inch at the top to allow room for garnish.
  4. Place shot glasses into the refrigerator for at least 4 hours or until gelatin is firm.
  5. Remove from fridge and top the Jello shots with Reddi-wip and a sliced peach.
  6. Serve chilled and enjoy!

peaches and cream shooters featured

Share the Joy with Reddi-wip

peach jello shot with Reddi-wip


You know those moments in life that are so joyful they are best when shared with someone else? Well, I know those all too well which is why I’ve chosen to partner with Reddi-wip for their #ShareTheJoy program! Basically you will see posts over the next several months that showcase what joy means to me. Sometimes it will mean enjoying a delicious gelatin shooter after a long day’s work (like this recipe), other times it may be making a treat with my children and seeing the joy that comes from it.

In our busy chaotic world, people often overlook everyday opportunities to experience joy. Reddi-wip wants to help people find more joy in their everyday moments and prove that when you share joy with others, it grows. I am working right alongside them to help bring joy to others as well. My joy is life is having fun no matter what. Whether I am with my family, friends, or even people I don’t really know, I think joy comes from having fun! Reddi-wip is on a mission to share the small moments of joy all around us in three key ways:

  1. Joy has a catalytic effect. When you’re surrounded by joy, it grows and expands exponentially.
  2. Joy is sensorial. Joy is best experienced through all of your senses.
  3. Joy in the moment. There is joy all around us, we just have to take a moment to experience it.

You can visit the Reddi-wip website to learn more and make sure to check out the video below!


This is sponsored content written by me on behalf of Reddi-wip. The opinions are all mine.

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