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Here’s How to Order The New Starbucks Secret Menu Drink for Valentine’s Day

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Who says a trip to Starbucks can’t be romantic after all?

Courtesy of Starbucks

The coffee giant is celebrating the day of love with a new special kind of drink that’s inspired by strawberries dipped in milk chocolate.

What’s dubbed their new Pink Drink with Chocolate Cream Cold Foam, this secret menu drink is the classic Pink Drink with a makeover.

Courtesy of Starbucks

Not to mention if you like chocolate, your sweet tooth will be pleasantly satisfied.

Courtesy of @snackolator

Featuring the classic Pink Drink mixed with strawberry acai juice, coconut milk, and sliced strawberries, you can also expect a chocolatey cold foam that sits on top that should taste like a chocolate strawberry!

Courtesy of Starbucks

And considering two is better than one on the day of love, Starbucks is offering a deal for you and your loved one so you can both walk away with the pretty and pink drink.

Courtesy of @markie_devo

So if you’re staying inside for a romantic night in, the coffee chain is offering 50% off your total when you order through the Uber Eats app on February 14 and when you use the code VDAY50OFF.

So skip breakfast and go right to dessert on Cupid’s day because nothing else screams Valentine’s day other than sweets and chocolate!

Courtesy of Starbucks

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