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You Can Get An Animatronic Ghost Swing That Talks As It Rocks Back and Forth

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Y’all. This is creepy.

Especially on a dark cool night, when there is a little bit of a breeze kicking around in the air, and you feel that chill going up your spine like someone might be in the shadow watching you.

You can get this Ghost Swing Animatronic Decoration, and instill terror into anyone that passes by.


This swing hangs down 6 feet, rocks all by its lonesome self, and plays a voice track that will send shivers down your spine.


Sometimes the scariest things are the ones that we can’t see…so when this swing starts moving all on its own, it might give people a fright! And if you listen closely, you’ll hear the creaking of the swing and a small girl calling out to you. Some say that she used to be sweet and friendly…when she was alive!


This swing is set on a timer, so it will rock and talk for 45 seconds, and then be still and silent for 5 minutes. Then, out of seemingly nowhere, it will start rocking again.


I mean, I know this is an animatronic decoration, but I would still be scared out of my mind if this were hanging from a tree in someone’s yard.

You can get this scary-as-heck swinging animatronic swing right from the Spirit store. You know they have ALL the good Halloween things!


It will cost you $70 — and that is but a small price to pay to watch countless people be scared to death by the ghost swing.


If you like this swing, you have totally got to check out this fog breathing dragon for your yard. It is super cool, and I NEED one.

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