These Origami-Inspired Clothes ‘Grow’ With Your Child and They Remind Me of The Popcorn Shirts From The 90s

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Add this to the list of things I don’t need but totally intrigue me…

Petit Pli

There are Origami-Inspired Clothes That ‘Grow’ With Your Child and It’s An Interesting Concept.

Petit Pli

If you are a parent then you know that kids grow like weeds and it seems at least for the first years of their life, you are constantly needing to buy them new clothes.

Petit Pli

Well, the company Petit Pli wants to change that.

Petit Pli has developed sustainable children clothing to fit babies through to toddlers. The clothes boast an innovative pleat system that expands in multiple directions including length and width.

Petit Pli

The clothes resemble a sort of, origami style look and while I personally think they are hideous, it is a cool idea.

“One of the main inspirations behind this was my background as an aeronautical engineer where I specialized in deployable structures for nano-satellites. This involved a lot of research into origami, structures and folds and stowing away as much material as possible into a small gap and then having that deploy out in space and that has really filtered down into this design.”

Yahoo, Petit Pli’s founder Ryan Yasin
Petit Pli

Apparently, a child of nine months can continue wearing the same item of clothing until the age of four, which goes through seven distinct sizes.

It not only helps saving parents money, but also reduces the environmental impact of the fashion industry.


Again – great solution and idea but can they not make the clothes cuter? I don’t see my kids actually wearing these clothes, they remind me of those popcorn tops from the 90’s and those things were uncomfortable!


I also worry about the material ripping. We all know kids are rough on their clothes and this material seems quite thin. Overall, great idea though.

Would you have your kids wear these?

Petit Pli

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