Starbucks Is Releasing New Fall Cups And I Want Every Single One Of Them

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It is always a happy day to be able to see the new Starbucks cup launches that are coming out! I LOVE collecting the cool, new, unique cups that they have to offer! And this round of cups did NOT disappoint!

Not only is the Fall 2020 cup collection coming out, but this launch will feature some Halloween themed items as well!!! And that is, of course, on top of the fact that the Pumpkin Spice Latte is returning earlier than ever this year! (And Salted Caramel Mocha!)


But this cup line coming out is truly drool worthy. Just starting out, we have the Dark Bling Studded Cup which is SO gorgeous. There is no doubt that this will be the one flying off the shelves first (And hitting online resale stores for an immense amount of money, I’m sure).


And with rose gold being in trend this year, this cup below is sure to fit in perfectly! I love the two tone of the regular gold with the rose gold! Even the straw is pretty!


And then there’s this amazing gold stainless steel bottle that changes color with the light! Gorgeous!


And the floral cups are even pretty this season too! The dark blue and the plum purples are just so gorgeous. I am impressed by the coloring of the cups this season. I was expecting oranges and burgundies but this is an amazing approach with the fall colors!


And the blue floral! Ahhh I love it!


Although this entire collection is on FIRE, it’s safe to say the winner is most definitely the Dark Studded Bling Tumbler! Whoever gets their hands on them is going to be one lucky guy or gal!!! (And we all know we’re about to see them on the Facebook marketplace for a TON of money)


There is also word that some Halloween cups will be released, but probably only at the Target Starbucks (womp womp), so keep an eye out for those and let us know if you spot any yourself!


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