Here’s Some Important Dates To Remember That Will Determine If We Get Another Round Of Stimulus Checks

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The question that is on EVERYONE’S mind: Are we getting another round of stimulus money?

There was plenty of talk about another stimulus package last month. The House of Representatives even passed a new HEROES Act, that would have given each person in the U.S. more money.

BUT, the Senate never voted on it, so the HEROES Act has been put onto the back burner for now. That doesn’t mean it is shelved forever and always, it just means the Senate didn’t want to deal with it yet.

BUT, there are three upcoming dates that you need to know about. You may want to pay attention to the words coming out of Washington, because these three days will determine if and when we get more financial aid money.

July 2nd

This is the first date you need to circle in your planner. This is when the Bureau of Labor Statistics will release their report for unemployment in the month of June.

This report will be crucial in determining whether the Senate thinks the people of the U.S. do, in fact, need another round of stimulus checks.

If the report shows that unemployment is trending down (more people have been able to get jobs), then we will be less likely to get more money.

BUT, if the report shows that unemployment is much the same, or worse, the Senate will be more likely to consider that the general public may need some financial help in the way of a stimulus package.

July 20th

According to, this is when the Senate comes back from its summer break. This will also mean there are about 11 days until the extra unemployment benefits expire.

A stimulus package SHOULD be fresh on everyone’s mind. If they are going to vote yay or nay on the HEROES Act, it will probably be before the extra unemployment runs out.

One would hope, at least!

August 7th

This is the LAST DAY the Senate and the House will meet before their MONTH LONG break for summer recess.

The momentum is at an all time high as the public wants it, Democrats are eager to get more money to those who need it, but the Republican-controlled Senate is worried about the costs.

If a decision on a stimulus package is not reached by this date, a new bill wouldn’t be voted on until AFTER Congress reconvenes in September.

I don’t know about you, but I’m crossing my fingers and toes for a decision to be reached sooner rather than later! Mama needs a new mattress!

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  1. You had me until your “mama needs a new mattress” comment. People need to pay their BILLS and put food on the table.

  2. Hell waiting that long you gonna have alot of homeless people by then who can’t get caught up with all bills and rents 1200 doesnt cover it all

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