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Glowing Bioluminescent Water Exists. Here’s How You Can See It In Person.

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I’ve found another thing to add to my growing bucket list. I thought I had it completed when I found the reindeer playing under the Aurora Borealis. I was wrong, I need to add seeing bioluminescent water in person to my list!

Maybe I am late to this discovery, I mean I knew it existed. I just didn’t know you could also see it here in America!


First of all, if you’re like me you want to know just what is causing this glowing beautiful water? So, I looked it up for us.


It’s called bioluminescence and it is created from a chemical reaction. It requires the combination of two chemicals to create it, it can be created with luciferin and luciferase, or luciferin and photoprotein.

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While usually blue in color, because this is the light that travels best through the water, bioluminescence can range from nearly violet to green-yellow (and very occasionally red). All bioluminescent organisms use a reaction between an enzyme and a substrate to make light, but different species use different chemicals in the process, suggesting that the ability to make light may have evolved independently many times.

Ocean Exploration and Research

Science and beauty all in one! Now like I said, this is newly added to my bucket list.


Here are some places you can see it for yourself in North America!

  • Mission Bay – San Diego, California
  • Torrey Pines Beach – San Diego, California
  • Manasquan Beach – New Jersey
  • Indian River – Florida
  • Mosquito Lagoon – Florida

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