AJ’s Ranty Rant: Maple Syrup Does NOT Treat Meningitis

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For the record, maple syrup does NOT treat meningitis. I am not a doctor, nor a holistic healer, I barely know how to put on bandaids properly, but, and I repeat, maple syrup does NOT treat meningitis.

couple who killed child

Know how I know this? Because there is a couple in Canada (David and Collet Stephan) who are facing charges and jail time because their 19-month-old son died from them treating his meningitis with maple syrup and other home remedies instead of taking him to the doctor. Seriously, listen to this list of things they gave their toddler to treat MENINGITIS:

  • olive leaf extract
  • whey protein
  • maple syrup
  • juice with frozen berries
  • apple cider vinegar
  • horseradish root
  • hot peppers
  • onion
  • garlic
  • ginger root

Now, I get trying home remedies for things like a cold, or hay fever. Your kid has problems with lactose, sure, try home remedies for that. Your kid contracts an illness that literally is known for killing people…maybe it’s time to seek a medical professional.

I get it. I do. None of us wants to put things into our kids without trusting that they truly need it, but THEIR KID TRULY NEEDED TO BE TREATED! It was FREAKIN’ MENINGITIS!

Nightmare upon nightmare, these wonderkins have more kids. And so far they still have custody (really? How!?!). If they do go to jail, the other kids will be taken away, but I’m just wondering why that hasn’t happened already?

I’m reluctant to tell you the whole story because I don’t want you to think I’m judging their whole lives, so here’s a link where you can read more about them on RawStory, but for my part the thing I really judge is why they waited so long for this poor baby.

My husband and I are TTC right now and it’s been a hellish journey that I’m hoping will soon end with a bouncing bundle of our very own. Thing is, I think about all we’re doing to Try to have a baby and then I look at all the things people do to (or don’t do for) their children and it hurts my stomach. Yes, I realize a bunch of you are gonna jump on the whole, “you don’t know until you’re a parent” wagon, but seriously. No one would think to wrap a broken arm in duct tape and call it a day. No one would be like, “My kid needs a lung transplant, I think I’ll give him cloves instead.” So why in the world would they not take this child who is struggling to breathe, to the point that he DIES because of it, to the doctor and get him on proper medication.

I’m out. Seriously, rant over, I’m stepping away.

Tell me what you think the comments below!


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  3. Your facts are wrong and inflammatory. Please don’t spread your version of fact. It is not.

  4. I think you need to read the whole story…. Yes, their child died from meningitis… this was found out at the autopsy… no one knew he had meningitis before that point. Yes he was a sick kid… had lingering flu-like symptoms that ebbed and flowed. His parents were treating flu-like symptoms not meningitis. There are several (I haven’t done the actual research so I don’t know the actual number but… several isn’t an exaggeration) adults die every year from meningitis because they didn’t “seem that sick”.

  5. I agree that this is a completely inaccurate representation of the story. The first day I read an article about it, it took me ten minutes to look for more articles and read them to get a full picture of what happened. As a people, we have to stop grabbing half truths and running with them, because we’re talking about people – real life grieving parents and a child who is no longer here. We’ve become so numb –hurtful in our rants, opinionated without having facts, and downright mean. We’re not talking screen to screen, we’re talking people to people. I love that you have such compassion for children and a passion for justice, but I’d encourage you to dig deeper and pause before you rant. Your words reach far and wide and they are truly not accurate.

    1. I believe this is all based on personal beliefs , religion , etc. some states have 3 exemptions . NYS has 1 which is the religious exemption of Christian Science . I believe we have now exceeded the amount of toxins that we put in these children from as early as birth. I do not believe they should all be mandatory.
      I believe a good example is the most notorious shot (the MMR) which began in 1984 as a triple show. I do not believe the actual shot “causes” autism . I believe you are born with the mutant gene that has remained dormant until it has been triggered . I had bacterial meningitis at 18. Generally causes death within an hour , loss limbs and/ or Brain damage. It was quite traumatic and very uncommon , but I am hear to talk about it. My mother died st 64 from Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) again , she had copper, lithium and Mercury poisoning that I believe trigger the mutant SOD1 gene. So, MD doctors don’t ever suggest holistic . I believe now in natural remedies . Don’t judge ones decision on what they choose to put in their child’s system. it’s a profit for for the medical industry.

  6. Not an accurate description of the story whatsoever. If you look at some of the articles the parents have actually commented on, the story is completely different. They didn’t know he had meningitis , and thought they were treating a mild cold or flu, never gave him maple syrup, and were only told by a family friend the day before that she heard of another case of meningitis in the area, which is when they researched it, and didn’t think it was meningitis, since he wasn’t showing any symptoms of it. He was acting much better the next day, but that evening when his breathing became laboured, they called 911. The wrong ambulance was dispatched from a further away location, and it wasn’t equipped to intubate a child, all things that were issues. You article is completely inflammatory and adds fuel to the fire of all the ignorant people wanting to judge based on a few words. The parents did not intentionaly withhold life saving medicine from their child, and in all other respects seem like loving and doting parents, did nothing but what they thought was best, and it leaves me confused as to why as a society we become so quick to become judge, jury and executioner to a family that does not need to keep reliving the last 4 years of their personal hell. Imagine if this were someone you personally knew and loved, then choose your words from there.

    1. It is sad that a baby had to die either way. My heart goes out to the mom and dad and all the family and friends who are involved with this baby <3 Either way on what the parents did or did not do.. That baby is with Jesus now and will never have to catch a cold or anything this world throws at him again.. <3