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McDonald’s Is Releasing Limited Edition Kerwin Frost Shoes And I’m Lovin’ It

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Okay. I would totally rock a pair of these shoes!

McDonald’s is teaming up with Kerwin Frost, and it’s for more than just their new Happy Meals.

Kerwin Frost is a super cool artist, and a life-long McDonald’s fan, so this collab just makes sense.

Do you remember the Fry Guys from the 1980s — the ones who would steal and gobble up McDonald’s french fries?

They were a staple McDonald’s mascot in commercials and advertising for the fast-food chain back in the day.

Well, Kerwin Frost has taken our favorite Fry Guys, and turned them into a fun pair of one-of-a-kind footwear.

Kerwin Frost

Seriously. I am totally feeling these Fry Guy shoes!

The Kerwin Frost X McDonald’s shoe collab is dropping for a very limited time, so you’re going to want to hurry and get yours before they sell out — which they are guaranteed to sell out fast.

These Fry Guy shoes will launch on 12/11, and will only be available while supplies last — which won’t be long.

You can check out all the info, and purchase your Fry Guy shoes from the Kerwinfrost.com website starting on December 11th.

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