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Dust Off Your Wands Potterheads, Because A Live-Action Harry Potter TV Series Is In the Works

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Calling all Potterheads!

It is time to dust off those wands and bust out the spell books because A Live-Action Harry Potter TV Series Is In the Works!!

Warner Bros.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, there are talks of live-action Harry Potter TV projects going on at Warner Bros. and HBO Max!

According to the report, conversations are in their very early stages which means that no writers or actors are currently attached to any specific projects.

Warner Bros.

It does appear that executives at HBO Max and Warner Bros. are actively working on a way to bring the Harry Potter franchise to TV, and they are listening to pitches from various writers about how they can make that happen.

Warner Bros.

While there isn’t much exciting news to go off of, the fact they are actively talking and working on a Harry Potter series sounds awesome.

Warner Bros.

Personally, I’d love to continue the story with Harry and the gang being adults, having their children and maybe follow their children’s stories.

Warner Bros.

For now that is all we know but this is already super exciting and I cannot wait to see what they come up with!

Warner Bros.

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