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This Boy Started A Petition To Change The Nerd Face Emoji And His Reason Is Valid

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There is a boy in England starting a petition to Apple to change the Nerd Face Emoji.

You know, the Emoji that shows a yellow face wearing glasses. The one that has huge front teeth protruding from its mouth.

I mean, I always thought the Nerd Face Emoji was pretty darn cute, but I can see his point of view.

Teddy finds the Nerd Face Emoji incredibly offensive to people who have to wear glasses — himself included.

He thinks it gives people the wrong impression about those who wear specs, and he is having none of it.

The current Emoji makes people think that all people who wear glasses are nerds, and Teddy wants Apple to change it.

They’re making people think we’re nerds and it’s absolutely horrible. — It’s making me feel sad and upset, and if I find it offensive there’ll be thousands of people around the world that find it offensive too.

Teddy noticed the Emoji when he was texting his cousin, and immediately thought it didn’t represent his peeps.

He has taken in upon himself to redesign the Emoji, which he has dubbed the “Genius Emoji.”

It’s got thin lenses and thin frames — and then it’s got a little smiley face instead of the horrible rabbit teeth.

It’s Teddy’s teacher, Lisa, who encouraged him to run with the idea of a petition to change the Nerd Face Emoji.

The petition first circulated around his school, and they are hoping to get it online for millions to see.

So far, Apple has not responded, but Teddy is excited at the thought that his little idea might make such a difference for people wearing glasses everywhere.

Maybe there’s room in this world for TWO Emojis — the Nerd Emoji and the new upgrade!!

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