Kraft Mac & Cheese Is Releasing Macaroni Boxes Without the Cheese

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For the first time ever, Kraft Mac & Cheese will soon be just Kraft Macaroni.

In an upcoming line of new boxes that will be dubbed “Kraft Not Mac &Cheese”, this new mac and cheese is a vegan recipe that uses a plant-based sauce according to Kraft.

In a partnership with TheNotCompany, the pantry staple will now come in a dairy-free version that will introduce two new flavors that will feature an original and white cheddar flavored sauce.

Customers can count on the new sauce that coats the macaroni generously, to be made from fava bean protein and coconut oil powder!

“The Kraft Heinz Not Company creates plant-based versions of fan-favorite foods that taste like the real thing, yet don’t require people to drastically change their eating habits,” says Lucho Lopez-May, CEO, The Kraft Heinz Not Company in a recent press release. “NotCo brings its revolutionary AI technology that has a proven track record in creating mouthwatering plant-based foods to KRAFT – the beloved mac & cheese brand that sells over a million boxes every day. Leveraging the strengths of both companies, we’re offering the creamy and comforting experience KRAFT Mac & Cheese fans have loved for over 85 years – without the dairy.”

Lucho Lopez-May
Courtesy of The Kraft Heinz Not Company

Each box will cost less than five bucks when the new recipe macaroni boxes officially hits store shelves at the beginning of this month!

So keep your eyes peeled in the pasta aisle.

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