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‘Dirty Soda’ Is The Hottest New Way to Drink Soda. Here’s How to Make it At Home.

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When I first heard this trend, I thought they were talking about “Suicide Sodas” — you know, those sodas kids drink where you go down the line, and put a little bit of each soda into your cup.

BUT, that isn’t what this “Dirty Soda” TikTok trend is all about.

This soda has an actual recipe. And, although it sounds somewhat questionable, people are SWEARING that it is the bomb dot com.

It has the flavors of soda, coconut, and lime. And, before you knock it, you have to try it!

The choke hold this now has on me & i dont even like soda?!$?!


This trend apparently started in the great state of Utah.

According to Ledger Enquirer, the Swig soda shop chain was one of the firsts to jump on the “dirty soda” bandwagon, opening their doors in 2010.

The soda shop chain Swig spread across the West and became particularly popular among members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Ledger Enquirer

So, enough about the origins of the soda — let’s get to the recipe for this strangely super popular drink.

Here’s How You Make The ‘Dirty Soda’ That’s Taking TikTok By Storm.

What you will need to make “Dirty Soda”

  • Your soda of choice (Coke and Dr. Pepper seem to be the most popular, although people are also using Mt Dew and Powerade).
  • Coconut flavored coffee creamer
  • Fresh lime juice

This combo is next level!


How to put together a “Dirty Soda:”

  • This is by no means rocket science. You really can’t mess it up.
  • Pour some soda in a glass with ice
  • Pour in some coconut coffee creamer
  • Squeeze some fresh lime wedges into the weird coconut soda concoction

I’m going to admit, I like to go a bit rouge. Try it with Sprite, maraschino cherry juice, coconut creamer, and lime. You won’t be sorry.

Let us know what you think in the comments. Yay or Nay??

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