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Dunkin’ Is Giving Away Free Coffee To Teachers. Here’s How to Get It.

PSA to all teachers: If your morning run starts with the Starbucks drive-thru, prepare to switch lanes, literally.

Courtesy of @dunkin_bh

Thanks to Dunkin’, the coffee chain that America runs on is giving away free coffee to all teachers to celebrate the start of the school year and of course, to give back to our teachers who do so much!

Courtesy of @dunkin_bh

As a “thank you” to educators, Dunkin’ is giving away free hot coffees for all who teach.

Alongside your notebooks, grading pens, and powerpoint print outs, Dunkin’ is handing out one free medium sized hot or iced coffee for teachers to add to your list of teacher supplies!

Courtesy of Dunkin’

For a midday energy craving or on the way to school in the morning, stop by Dunkin’ to claim your free cup of fuel!

Courtesy of @megan_bair

So whether it’s an iced Dunkin’ Hazelnut Swirl or a fall favorite, all hot and iced flavors are free on Thursday for teachers.

Courtesy of @love.meypa

So mark your calendars for the first day of September because this Thursday at participating Dunkin’ chains nationwide, start your day with a caffeinated freebie without any purchases necessary!

Keep in mind, you’ll likely need to show proof such as a school ID that you are a teacher!

Courtesy of @kriscastillo

Thank you teachers for crushing it in the classroom!

Courtesy of Dunkin’