Calling Women Karens Has Us Scared To Ask For What We Deserve

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“I don’t want to be a Karen,” a friend says to me at lunch the other day when her order came out with shellfish instead of chicken— the former of which would kill her. 

“So like, you’re just going to sit there while I eat my meal and wish you had something delicious on your plate…” 

“Well, yeah— I mean, I have the haircut already.” 

Moisturizer Heart on Womans Back

And there it is friends, the issue all women 35-50 face when they chop their hair into a cute spiky bob… now they can’t ask for stuff. 

But what about when we are just being screwed? We work hard for the things we have and we want to be treated justly, but for some reason by the time we reach Karen age, we are supposed to sit quietly and just take it when we get taken advantage of? 

Absolutely not. I’m not buying into this wallflower bit. Nice try, patriarchy. 

Woman Sitting On Green Grass Field

I am kidding. Honestly, we brought this whole Karen thing on ourselves by throwing fits when fits didn’t need to be thrown, and now here we are… dealing with the fact that all the other Karen’s cried wolf. 

So how do we fix it? How do we start getting what we want without being a Karen? 

Woman in Gray Long-sleeved Top Holding Hair

Do we need to come with receipts? I mean Taylor Swift wholeheartedly told us all to admit we were the problem, and in this case… she’s right, but now we want our privileges back. 

Because I’m not eating a hamburger with mustard on it. 

No way. 

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