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You Can Get A Pumpkin Spice Wood Wick Candle In A Tiny Cauldron And It Is Everything

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Fall is right around the corner and I. CAN’T. WAIT. No seriously. I put on boots and a long sleeved dress today, even though I live in Texas and it was hot. I told myself I could convince the weather to get cooler somehow. For the record…it didn’t work.

But until my favorite season decides to appear in full force, I am looking for some items to make me feel warm and cozy until then. And I finally found a good one! Fall scents are always a fan favorite (and mine too!), so I think it’s safe to say I think you will love this pick!


You can get an all natural, essential oils infused, soy pumpkin spice candle, inside of a cauldron AND it comes with a wood wick to give it that soothing crackle sound! It doesn’t get much better than this! I have to have one! Please let me have one!


All Hallows Apothocary came up with this amazing candle combo idea on Etsy, and I am so glad they did. It is infused with essential oils, it’s in a little cauldron, it smells like pumpkin spice, it is all things Fall. Can you tell I like it? I’m not sure I have made it clear enough yet!


According to their page:

“Made with soy wax + essential oils, this magical candle will bring the joy of the autumn season to life in your home.

oils: cinnamon, nutmeg, clove

Topped with cinnamon sticks, pumpkin spice, and dried sunflower petals, and star arise

18oz candles. The cauldrons are 4” wide at the top and expand to about 6” wide through the middle and are 3 1/2” tall.”


This store has a full 5 stores, and from the look of all the ratings, the products are made with lots of love! I would definitely feel safe purchasing from them! Plus, buying from small businesses has always had a place in my heart. I had an Etsy store myself for awhile and it’s always a go to for myself and for presents! The creativity is always endless!

Have you spotted any unique fall themed candles (or any fall decor for that manner)? Comment below and let us know about your finds so we can figure out what to check out next!

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