People Want Sandra Bullock’s Oscar from ‘The Blind Side’ Revoked After the Oher and Tuohy Controversy

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Everything you think you know about The Blind Side is completely about to change.

After the recent controversy with Michael Oher and Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy, Twitter has officially given their opinion.

Michael Oher, the former NFL star whose character the movie was inspired from recently petitioned a Tennessee court claiming that the Tuohy’s never adopted him, even though the movie suggests that they did.

In the documents, Michael says that he was tricked into a conservatorship, also claiming that the Tuohy family made a ton of money from his story in the popular film while he himself, made nothing.

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In The Blind Side, Sandra Bullock who played Leigh Anne Tuohy won an Oscar from her performance in the hit film.

After the shocking news from the current controversy between Michael Oher and the Tuohy family, some Twitter users are now saying they want Sandra Bullock’s Oscar revoked.

Even though there’s no evidence that shows Sandra Bullock had any knowledge about the drama between Michael and the Tuohys, Twitter still seems to be upset with the Oscar-winning actress.

Although while many Twitter users seem to be angry with Bullock, just as many social media users have come to her rescue to defend her.

“I demand we revoke Sandra Bullock’s Oscar and give it to Meryl Streep,” one Twitter user wrote.

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“And I’m gonna say this ONCE… y’all get up off of Sandra Bullock & Tim McGraw. They’re movie stars & played roles. They’re not the actual people that stole money from Michael Oher. Direct all of that energy towards these Ole Miss alums… Sean & Leigh Anne Tuohy,” another wrote.

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“Not y’all going after Sandra Bullock & Tim McGraw. They were acting. They were telling a story. It’s not their fault that the story they told was a fantasy. The real folks you need to ask more from are…,” wrote another social media user.

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After some of the recent allegations made by Oher, Mr. Tuohy has claimed that Oher is not telling the truth, according to Sean Tuohy who recently told the Daily Memphian.  

“We didn’t make any money off the movie,” he said to the Daily Memphian. “Well, Michael Lewis [the author of the book that inspired the movie] gave us half of his share. Everybody in the family got an equal share, including Michael. It was about $14,000, each.” 

Sean Tuohy
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Sean Tuohy continued explaining to the Daily Memphian,

“They said the only way Michael could go to Ole Miss was if he was actually part of the family,” Tuohy said. “…We contacted lawyers who had told us that we couldn’t adopt over the age of 18; the only thing we could do was to have a conservatorship. We were so concerned it was on the up-and-up that we made sure the biological mother came to court,” according to Sean Tuohy.

Sean Tuohy
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