Prince William And Kate Middleton Broke A Royal Rule And I’m So Happy About It

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Ah, the life of the royals. Rules, regulations, and no signs of weakness. But Prince William and Kate Middleton finally decided to step outside of the box.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge posed for a family photograph and actually showed signs of PDA. To most, that doesn’t seem like much, but that is something that royals just don’t do.

This picture was posted on the Instagram official page of the Duke and Duchess, showcasing their entire family in preparation of their upcoming Christmas cards.

They take yearly pictures, but this is the first year that they have shown any side of PDA, simply by placing their hands on each other legs. But the internet is eating it up!

Whether Queen Elizabeth is for or against this photo, we don’t know. But I personally love that they’re showing a softer, loving side, and hope they continue it with their future reign.

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