You Won’t Believe The Willy Wonka Dream House This Man Built!

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Growing up there are certain stories that stick with us. Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was a big one for me. The bright colors, odd characters, and of course mounds and mounds of candy. The idea that a little boy could win a magic ticket to a fantasy land and have a chance to see all his dreams come true was too big a dream for me to ever want to let go of. Turns out, I’m not alone. Part Lewis Carroll, part Tim Burton, there is a playground-builder in Germany who took over where Willy Wonka left off! 


You Won’t Believe The Willy Wonka Dream House This Man Built!

Imgur user  recently uploaded pictures of his father’s home and you won’t believe how cool it is. A manufacturer of playground equipment, his father (with the help of his wife) creates oddities and strange contraptions intended to capture childhood imaginations…much like Willie Wonka! Take a look!

The entrance to the castle…
Gives a whole new meaning to jungle gym
Jack would love to climb this beanstalk!
The magic man and his m’lady

Seriously, what kid wouldn’t want to live there? All I need is my golden ticket and I’d be on my way tomorrow! From the looks of things, the only thing missing is a chocolate river…and, since we can’t see inside the house, I’m guessing I know where it can be found! Thanks  for giving us a look inside your father’s fun imagination!

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