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Here Is Your First Look At ‘This Is Us’ Season 5

Are you ready for this? Our favorite family is coming back later this month, and we have your first look at the new season.

Something GREAT is FINALLY happening this year. The TV gods have heard our cries, and they are answering in the BEST way possible. We are going to get the This Is Us season premier a whole TWO WEEKS early!

It’s hard to believe this show is 5 seasons old! It is so good, I just went back and binge watched series 1 through 4 (HULU), to get ready for the season 5 premier.

Y’all, it’s just as good the second time through — but you catch little things you missed the first time through!

Just wait for it — NBC has released a new collage photo for season number 5, and it I’m more excited than ever!!

We see Toby and Kate holding a baby, Kevin looking at somebody and smiling, Randall and Beth sharing a sweet moment together, and Rebecca and Jack holding hands and walking down the street.

Gah!! I Can’t Wait!!

Guys, last season ended on such a tumultuous note. That season finale had me holding my breath and reaching for the tissues.

We got some answers we were looking for, but it gave us so many more questions. I mean, — Spoiler — I HAVE to know what happens to Rebecca! Toby and Kate have a daughter?!? What about the twins??

Well, we are about to get back on the This Is Us ride. Grab that calendar, because you will want to remember that the new season now premiers October 27th, with a TWO-HOUR premier!!

This new NBC art may give us a glimpse of what’s to come — “This season changes us forever.”

But, what do y’all think? What does it means? GAH!!