Doctors Are Warning That A Side Effect of The COVID-19 Vaccine May Mirror A Breast Cancer Symptom

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You were FINALLY able to get your coronavirus vaccine, and after almost a full year of this mess, you can finally breathe a big sigh of relief.

Your arm was probably a bit sore, but hopefully that was about all the side effects you had from the shot.

But, maybe you noticed something else that you didn’t even know was a side effect of the vaccine.

People are reporting that they have noticed swollen lymph nodes, which is a bit annoying, but is a totally normal reaction by your body to a vaccine.

It’s actually a normal response that the body has to the vaccine. It means that the body is making antibodies to fight the COVID-19 infection.

Dr. Holly Marshall, with University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

Now, some people have been panicking a little bit, because swollen lymph nodes can also be a sign of cancer.

Doctors made the discovery, because there are lymph nodes under the arm, and these swollen nodes are being detected in mammogram screenings.

The swollen lymph nodes are occuring on the same side that people had their injections — so if you got your shot on the left side, it would be the lymph nodes that are swollen under your left arm.

We also see swollen lymph nodes in patients with breast cancer, so that’s the concern there. So we are asking everybody who is having a mammogram if they had the COVID-19 vaccine, what dose, when, and what side.

Dr. Holly Marshall, with University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

If you are one of the 16% of people who are noticing swollen lymph nodes under your arm after getting the shot, don’t worry.

The swelling should go down in 2-4 weeks, and hopefully it will be smooth sailing after that!

Now, I understand. Swollen lymph nodes can be annoying, and a bit scary.

BUT, don’t panic. If you are concerned, have a conversation with your doctor. Hopefully they can ease your nerves just a bit.

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