These Hugging Candles Are the Perfect Gift to Give to Your Mom on Mother’s Day

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Sometimes a hug from our mom is exactly what we need.

Thanks to Etsy shop owner @CaiCaiHandmade, we now can gift to our mom’s one of things we cherish most about them, and that’s their hugs!

Introducing the ‘Huggy’, the pair of hugging shaped wax candles.

Courtesy of @CaiCaiHandmade

Two blob-like figures hugging one another shows mom just how grateful you are of her hugs when you need them the most.

Courtesy of @CaiCaiHandmade

A handmade warm hug, these hugging candles have but only two eyes for a simple, aesthetically pleasing look.

Courtesy of @CaiCaiHandmade

Undyed or colored a light mocha, you can choose between two colors and three scents for the paired candles that you think represents mom best.

Whether you choose between Pine Forest because she likes the outdoors or Pink Sugar Crystals for a sweeter smell, there’s also an unscented version for mom’s with a sensitive nose.

Courtesy of @CaiCaiHandmade

Depending on your order choices, you can find the hugging candles to wrap and give to mom on Mother’s Day online at Etsy starting at $21.50.

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