This TikTok Hack Turns A Venti Starbucks Drink Into Three Iced Tall Drinks

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You guys!! This is PURE GENIUS.

I was just browsing TikTok on my break and BAM I came across a hack where someone took 1 Venti Starbucks Drink and turned it Into 3 Iced Tall Drinks!


TikTok user @karenrdzzz posted this idea on TikTok with the caption “1 Venti with no ice into 3 tall iced cups”



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Think about it, you could get 1 Venti that costs around $5 and split it into 3 Talls (which normally cost around $4 each). That is a savings of $7!!

It also works the other way around where you can order a Tall without ice and pour it into a Venti cup with ice.

All you have to do is order your Starbucks drink as usual but ask for it in the cup WITHOUT ICE.

Then ask for a separate cup with ice only (they don’t charge you for this) then BAM you just got your full monies worth of a Starbucks coffee and have enough to share.

My mind is BLOWN. I can’t believe I have never thought of this before.

And honestly, Starbucks and Barista’s don’t get mad at me for sharing this. But people who are on a budget still want your delicious coffee, we just want to avoid overpaying for it! 😉

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  1. too late i hate you. but… at least you can’t complain for watered down bad tasting drinks since u doing it yourself

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