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Starbucks May Be Releasing A Nightmare Before Christmas Tumbler and It’s Simply Meant to Be

It’s Simply Meant To Be…

You may want to make some room in your budget this month because rumor has it, Starbucks is supposed to be releasing a Nightmare Before Christmas Cup!!

TikToker @Megh Cups and Coffee

While everyone seems to have their eyes set on the Starbucks Halloween Collection including the hot pink mug and the green slime tumbler, I am over here like – – this is what I want!!

Now, according to TikToker @Megh Cups and Coffee, this is a Disney + Starbucks Collab.

And also according to her and the rumors, this Nightmare Before Christmas Starbucks cup is supposed to be launching on ShopDisney’s website on September 25, 2023.

TikToker @Megh Cups and Coffee

My best guess is, this cup will be limited edition, cost around $50, and will sell out fast!

So, keep your eyes peeled for more info and mark your calendar for that day!