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Amy Poehler Is Going With Gen Z And Sporting The Middle Part In Her Hair

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As it was previously stated by generation Z, the laughing emoji is how to tell if you’re a 90s baby, skinny jeans are so last year and parting your hair on the side is the latest hairstyle you shouldn’t wear outside your home.

Courtesy of @GoldenGlobes 

Since generation Z has come out with their new guidelines, millennials and generation z have been bickering back and forth stating what is a fashion trend and what isn’t.

Courtesy of @avocadomama1

However, if you’re currently watching the Golden Globes, Amy Poehler has made a fashion statement on which side she’s on.

Courtesy of The Golden Globes

While hosting the 78th Golden Globes Award Show, Amy has parted her hair in the middle saying “sorry millennials and hello generation Z”!

Courtesy of The Golden Globes

Although her co-host Tina Fey has stuck with the side part; personally I think both women look beautiful tonight!

Courtesy of @goldenglobes

Rock the house tonight, ladies!

Courtesy of @goldenglobes

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