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Christian Slater Came To The Golden Globes To Play

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Christian Slater’s still got it!!

Twitter is all up in arms about how good Christian Slater still looked at the 2021 Golden Globe awards, when he spoke about how The Golden Globes is partnering with Feeding America.

Courtesy of NBC

He is giving off some serious DAD vibes, and I’m here for the older and more mature Christian!!


I mean, I was totally crushing on him in the late 80s, early 90s, but NOW!! He is SMOKIN’ hot!!

What do you think? Christian of the 1990s, or Christian NOW??

I doesn’t matter to me that my daughter just said, “Who is that?”

Okay, it hurt a LITTLE. But, Christian’s still got it!!

And, I’ll do WHATEVER this man says!! Excuse me while I break out my camera to scan to QR code to donate!!

Courtesy of NBC

Christian also had the pleasure of introducing the nominees for Actress in a TV Series, Musical, or Comedy.

Courtesy of NBC

I kinda wish I were nominated, just so he would so may name!! LOL!!

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