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Jeff Daniels Sitting In A Casual Bedroom During The Golden Globes Is The Most Relatable Thing I’ve Ever Seen

I have to admit, I really love when celebs are REAL PEOPLE.

Yes, I know they are all real but I mean, live real lives and have real people clothes and Jeff Daniels is a prime example.

During one of the nominations where he was nominated, Jeff Daniels shows up on the Zoom call wearing a plaid shirt my grandpa would wear and sat in a tiny, casual bedroom.

It’s truly the most relatable thing I’ve ever seen.

Not only did he come to The Golden Globes casually in attire, but he looks just like an average every day person.

Even the bed behind him looks unmade and it just feels like my life ha!

People are LOVING this dad/grandpa look from Jeff Daniels especially during an awards show and we are here for it!