You Can Get A Handbag That Looks Like Ramen Noodles, Because Why Not?

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I used to eat ramen for pretty much every meal. Now I have a daughter that is the same. She loves those things! Did you know you can get a purse that looks just like ramen noodles?

rommydebommy – Etsy

I mean, if you are looking for something that is very different and stands out, I’m pretty sure this is it.

You can get a ramen noodle purse and I cannot believe how realistic they are! That is some serious talent!

rommydebommy – Etsy

It looks just like the real thing right? It is designed to look like a block of ramen noodles straight out of the package.

rommydebommy – Etsy

While very realistic, the purse is not made out of ramen. It is made out of hard foam and is completely handmade. It has a chain for a strap to dress it up a little fancy like.

rommydebommy – Etsy

From the front, it appears to be a solid block of ramen. But, on the other side, it has a zipper where you can stash all of your goodies. It measures 8.2 inches long by 6.7 inches tall and is 2 inches deep.

rommydebommy – Etsy

You could put your money, phone, credit cars, some makeup, and some other essentials in there.

You can get yours on Etsy from rommydebommy.

rommydebommy – Etsy

What do you think? Do you know someone that is this obsessed with ramen? Would you carry it yourself? They have a ton of other very unique purses and handbags as well. You should go check them out! Super talented!

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