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Chex Mix Birthday Cake Bars Are Here To Help You Celebrate Every Bite

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Chex Mix Birthday Cake Bars are a thing, and they are totally reason to celebrate!

Sam’s Club

These bars are just as delicious as they are colorful — I’d expect nothing less from anything Chex Mix related!!

Each bar is 1.3 ounces of tasty Chex pieces, pretzels, and rainbow sprinkles, which totally bring the fun to any occasion from birthdays, to lunches, to Mondays.

Sam’s Club

OMG! Doesn’t the picture of these Birthday Bars just make your mouth water?!?

Chex Mix bars provide interesting flavor combinations and multi-sensory textures

Sam’s Club
Sam’s Club

Because this sweet treat comes in a convenient bar, there are virtually no messy pieces to pick up. No mess = happy mommy!!

These yummy Chex Mix Birthday Bars are headed to stores now, and should be fully in stock by the end of January.

Sam’s Club

ON-THE-GO SNACK: A snack that is great for on-the-go or an after school snack


While a standard box of these Birthday Bars come in a box of 6, you can get a big ol’ box of 20 bars at Sam’s Club for 7 bucks.

Sam’s Club

But, good news, these are NOT a Sam’s Club exclusive treat!!

Be looking for these Chex Mix Birthday Bars to drop into your favorite grocery stores and convenience stores soon.

Sam’s Club

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