You Can Get A Grinch Christmas Tree Ornament That Describes 2020 Perfectly

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The Grinch may have temporarily tried to steal Christmas in previous years but we before we blame him, this time, the Grinch has been good.

The cold hard truth is that Christmas might be different this year but the Grinch is a changed man, but that doesn’t mean he’s not still sassy.

As we all know, the Grinch well, he can have a bit of an attitude; similar to you and I, he is not happy about the turnout of 2020 and that’s why this ornament describes 2020 perfectly, but in Dr. Seuss style.

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This Christmas tree ornament says “2020 stink stank stunk” in red and green colors on a white ceramic porcelain background. Now where does the Grinch come in? Well, you can see him holding a mask directly on the front of the Christmas tree decoration dressed in his Santa suit.

Courtesy of Amazon

You can currently get two 2020 Grinch inspired Christmas tree ornaments for just about $16 dollars on Amazon with a few other Grinch styled Christmas ornaments with one even including the Grinch wearing the mask.

Courtesy of Amazon

To think we could ever relate to the Grinch, who would’ve thought?!

Courtesy of Amazon

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