A Parent’s Love For Their Kid Is Stronger Than You Think

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I never knew how strong a parent’s love for their child was, until I grew up. 

My parents always told me that there will be many people who will disappoint you throughout your life. I learned that lesson in High School when I stopped being friends with a person who was my best friend at the time. 

Everyone experiences irritation, sadness and anger, but your mom and dad are there to pick up the pieces. 

Your parents sacrifice. Whenever there was a time where I truly needed my mom and dad, they would never hesitate to come rescue me; even with the amount of times I disappointed them because naturally, children disobey their parents.

My parents told me that there’s no type of love that’s more valuable than a parent’s love for their kid. Whether it’s a single mom, single dad or both parents, that type of love is irreplaceable. 

You can love your best friend or spouse, but there will also be plenty of best friends and significant partners who come and go, but your parents are here to stay.

Thanks mom and dad, for everything you do. For taking the time to make sure I was happy, safe and healthy.

If I had a dime for the countless of times my mom and dad told me, “you’ll understand when you have a kid”, well I don’t have a kid as of right now, but now as an adult, I understand how much you’ve sacrificed.

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