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People Are Recreating The Deadly Games From ‘Squid Game’

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Honestly, I am sitting here in disbelief but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised?

By now, you’ve probably heard EVERYONE talking about the new Netflix Series Squid Game and if you haven’t, just know, it’s pretty disturbing and messed up.

The entire concept revolves around a group of over 400 people needing to pay off their debts, so, they are asked to participate in childhood games to compete to win and wipe their debt away.

The twist? The games are deadly and of course in return, the show is quite gruesome and horrific.

Well, some genius minds (said with complete sarcasm) decided it was a good idea to recreate some of those Squid Game Challenges and are even posting about them on social media platforms like TikTok.

In fact, as of right now, the hashtag #SquidGame on TikTok has over 22.8 BILLION views.

When searching the hashtag #SquidGameChallenge, there are several videos as well and even some marked with “sensitive content” warnings on them.

Now you should know, most of these recreations are pretty innocent such as the Honeycomb challenge which involves making a cookie out of dalgona coffee and then having to tear the cut cookie out of it cleanly.

While many of these are just simply recreations of the challenges, I fear of what is to come.

It’s not a secret that kids these days are creating challenges that end up being harmful, dangerous and just outright stupid.

And with the level of popularity of a show such as Squid Game, I fear kids will get the wrong idea and begin creating these disturbing challenges which will result in harm.

So, if you are a parent of a teen or know someone who is, maybe we try to talk to our kids to get on top of this now? The last thing I want to see is that kids are getting hurt trying to recreate some of these challenges in real life.

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