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You Can Get A McDonald’s Happy Meal Purse Because Why Not

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Happy Meals: The coveted food of all children. And for us adults who like to be nostalgic, there’s now a solution!

Box Lunch has just released an entire line of McDonald’s merchandise, and they are INCREDIBLE. I never knew McDonalds could be so fashionable!

Box Lunch

The most exciting item they have brought to the collection is this amazing Happy Meal Crossbody Bag. It is FANTASTIC!

Box Lunch

I mean, come on. It’s amazing. You can stash your nuggets in it. Get yourself some toys. The possibilities are endless!

Box Lunch

As elegant as they have made this bag look, it would be hard not to use this as a lunch box! Happy Meals all day every day!

Box Lunch

If you want to get your hands on this amazing bag, you can grab it now at the Box Lunch website and check out their other McDonald’s goodies!

Box Lunch

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