The New Britney Spears Documentary Made Me So Devastated For Her And So Furious At Her Family

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Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you have heard all about Britney Spears and her battles against her conservatorship. And now it’s time to run to Netflix to learn about it.

The second the Britney vs Spears documentary popped up, I knew I had to watch it. Through social media, especially TikTok, I had seen all of the controversy about what was going on in her life and it made me genuinely concerned.


But now we finally got a firsthand look into what was going on behind the scenes all these years, and it truly breaks my heart. It also makes me incredibly furious at her family.


Abuse within a family is unfortunately very common. But to have attorneys, judges, and authorities turning a blind eye to what was going on is just gut retching.


I’m sure the story is nowhere near over, but at least we know that Britney is finally breaking away from the madness and getting to be her own person again!


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