Cabela’s Has A ‘Tent Mansion’ That Let’s Your Entire Family Camp Under One Roof And I Need It

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So I have a secret, for as long as I’ve gone camping I’ve never actually been in a tent. My boyfriend’s family takes a travel trailer every year, therefore his dad calls it “luxury” camping and I couldn’t agree more!

Courtesy of Cabelas

I’m not sure if I would ever really want to go camping in a tent because I think I’ve gotten too used to the mobile home, but this tent at Cabela’s may be my only exception!

Courtesy of Cabela’s

For starters, it looks almost comparable to the size of an RV. Plus, it definitely looks like it can keep MOST bugs out with two convenient screen doors that are also included! That’s two very important necessities crossed off my list if I’m camping in a tent!

Courtesy of Cabela’s

It’s called the Cabela’s Ultimate Alaknak Tent and just wait until you see the size of this thing, 13 feet by 27 feet to be exact!

Surely you won’t have any problems crowding your best friend, family or even your aunt and uncle plus their children, because that’s how many people you can fit in this tent!

Courtesy of Cabela’s

Another cool feature the tent includes and definitely a must have for every camping enthusiast, is a space where you can put a wooden stove (sold separately) to keep everybody warm during the chilly nights!

So while it’s toasty inside, you can also count on being completely dry when it rains, because the outside material is water resistant and strong enough so it can’t be easily punctured or ripped!

Courtesy of Cabela’s

And to conclude, the tent also has three large windows so you can watch the sun rise and set because we all know, the sky is much more beautiful when you’re camping out in open land!

Courtesy of Cabela’s

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  1. I love the tent. Could you give me a price of one of those tents.

  2. I’m sure you meant motorhome and not mobile home! Two very different things.