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These Succulent Pots Have Funny Sayings On Them And They Are Here to Make Your Day

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Succulents are some of my favorite plants to have, so easy to grow and don’t take up a bunch of space.

I found these amazing succulent pots that have funny sayings on them and I must have them all!

They would make amazing gifts for birthdays, housewarmings, or something just to cheer someone up, I know they put a smile on my face.

VulpineVinyls – Etsy

They are mini white ceramic pots with a drainage hole and they even have a bamboo tray to catch excess water.

VulpineVinyls – Etsy

The mini pots can fit easily on a windowsill, counter, shelves, or desk.

These mini ceramic pots measure 2.17 inches high, 3.25 inches wide and the bamboo tray measures 3.35 inches wide and .39 inches high.

VulpineVinyls – Etsy

They offer a ton of designs, but if you want something custom they can totally do that too… just contact them before ordering.

VulpineVinyls – Etsy

You can even choose the color you want the text to be since they make these to order.

VulpineVinyls – Etsy

My favorite designs so far are the following:

  • What The Fucculent
  • Not Dead Yet Succa
  • I Will Survive
  • Please Don’t Die
  • What Up Succa?
  • Thirsty AF
  • Thirsty Bitch
  • I Need A Drink
  • Life Succs
VulpineVinyls – Etsy
  • Life Succs, Buy a Plant
  • Rooting For You!
  • Succ It
  • Leaf Me Alone
  • Emotional Support Plant
  • I Be-Leaf In You
  • Not A Hugger
  • Can’t Touch This
  • You’re Killing Me Smalls
VulpineVinyls – Etsy

Here are some of the other funny designs they offer!

  • Ah Ah Ah Ah Stayin’ Alive
  • I Wet My Plants
  • I Soiled Myself
  • I’m A Succa For You
  • Don’t Be A Prick
  • Grow Dammit
  • Oh For Fuccs Sake
  • Me So Thorny
  • Needy Bitch
  • Prickly Bitch
  • Pay Attention To Me!
VulpineVinyls – Etsy
  • Lookin’ Sharp
  • Pretty Fly For A Cacti
  • You Grow Girl
  • Crazy Plant Lady
  • Thirst Trap
  • I’m a Succa for Succulents
  • Wet ‘N Wild
  • Talk Dirty To Me
  • Give Me The Dirt
  • Best Buds
  • Plant One On Me
  • Bloom There It Is
  • Don’t You Forget About Me
VulpineVinyls – Etsy

Which sayings are your favorites?

You can order your own funny saying ceramic succulent pots from VulpineVinyls on Etsy!

VulpineVinyls – Etsy

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