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You Can Now Have Batman Navigate You To Your Destination And Your Kids Are Going To Love It

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I love the fact that Waze has a constantly changing plethora of voices that can help you navigate your way around town.

The last special voice assistant I used on Waze was Cookie Monster, and it was hilarious. My kids got the biggest kick out of having the big blue monster telling us to turn left or turn right.


Now, for a limited time, you can have the voice of Kevin Conroy, of animated DC Comic Batman fame, guide you around town on the Waze app.


Now through October 31st, you can get Batman to tell you all the Waze directions you need, and this might be my son’s favorite voice assistant EVER!


According to Comicbook.com, Google is adding this limited time feature to the Waze app to celebrate Batman Day, which is happening September 19th.


I didn’t even know there was a Batman Day, but I’ll gladly celebrate the Dark Knight during this soon-to-be fall season!


Waze is also going to celebrate Batman Day with a few other cool features, including a driving playlist that is made possible by Spotify. There will be both a Driving With Batman playlist, and a Driving With The Riddler playlist. Get ready for tunes including music from the Batman movies.


The fun doesn’t stop there. You know how the Waze app will show little cars all around you that are other Waze users? You can make your car turn into a little Batmobile during this fun time of Batman-themed features.


Count me in!! I’m down for driving around in a Batmobile — even if it’s virtual, and for a limited time. Ha!


If you don’t have Waze, you can download it from the App Store, and get to enjoying all the cool features that go with celebrating Batman Day 2020.


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