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People Are Making Boozy Pickles And They Are Dill-icious

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Some genius came up with Boozy Adult Pickles, and I can’t believe I haven’t thought of this before.

I love all these crazy food trends that people are coming up with.

If you haven’t tried the Frozen Fruit Rollups, you are totally missing out on living your best life.

I especially love that people are experimenting with ingredients mixed with dill pickles. YUM!!

Bacon Wrapped Pickles, Chocolate Covered Pickles, Kool-Aid Pickles, and Taco Pickles are some of my faves.

But, these Boozy Adult Pickles, also known as Drunk Pickles, are going to outshine every other kind of dill pickle out there. I have no doubt!

Based on the Pickleback Shot — basically a shot of whiskey followed by a chaser of pickle juice — people are pouring whiskey into their dill pickles jars.

The magic happens once the whiskey has marinated awhile with the pickles. Overnight is good, but the longer they marinate, the better.

If you don’t like whiskey — it makes me gag — you can mix vodka or moonshine in with the pickles.

I’m going to warn you — they are potent. BUT, they are delicious like nothing else.

It’s possible that these pickles will help curb your hangover as well. So, BONUS!!

It’s the sugar in drinks that’s (partially) to blame for a nasty hangover, so pull a fast one on tomorrow’s headache by opting for pickle juice instead. In fact, the salt and water in pickle juice naturally combats the dehydrating effect of alcohol —

Tasting Table

You have to try these Boozy Pickles, and let us know what you think.

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