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You Can Get A Mini Tabletop Fire Pit For The Person Who Is Always Cold

It’s fall and you know what that means? Women everywhere are freezing. I mean, I know I am.

I am currently covered in a blanket while wearing socks, a hoodie and sweatpants. Yeah, I am cold and it’s in the upper 50s today.

That is why as soon as I saw this Mini Tabletop Fire Pit, I bought it.

It’s basically the most genius way to keep warm. Besides, the ambiance of fire never heart anyone, right?

This is a mini fire pit that emits heat into any small space you want to keep warm in. I think it’d be perfect right on my desk where I spend my time most of the day.

The coolest part is that it uses rubbing alcohol to burn making it safer and cleaner for the air you breathe!

This portable fire tabletop fueled by smokeless, odorless, rubbing alcohol can be used indoor or outdoor. This Fireplace will make any space the place to be

Aside from keeping warm, you can totally use this to make fresh s’mores indoors when it’s too cold to head outside.

I LOVE this and so many people have posted videos of it on Instagram. I am totally SOLD on this.

You can order your tabletop fire pit from Amazon Here. It will cost you around $70.

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Wednesday 9th of December 2020

Hi- have you tried this yet and if so does it keep you warm at your desk?