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You Can Get A Light Up Floating Duck Speaker For Your Pool And I Need One Now

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I think music is quite essential these days when it comes to lounging in the pool. Some could consider it the life of the party!

So what if that life of the party could come to you in the form of an adorable duck? SOLD! Right?


This Rechargeable Bluetooth Floating Duck Pool Speaker may be the most amazing item on Amazon right now. I mean, who wouldn’t want a light up floating duck to serenade them while they hangout pool side? I know I do!


You can pick your colors, you can pick your songs, what more could you ask for? Surround sound? Oh wait, that’s an option too.


You can actually link this duck up with rock speakers and have them placed throughout your yard for full on surround sound! So really, the only question I have is, why don’t you have one in your cart right now?!?!


If you want to buy one of these adorable, amazing inventions, click our link here to snag one now!


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