Move Over Flowers, Butterfly Bouquets Are The Hot New Thing to Gift and They Are Gorgeous

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Bouquets come in many shapes and sizes, but they don’t always have to include flowers.

There are savory bouquets that you can eat and even LEGO rose bouquets that can you build!

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But the most recent bouquet that is currently trending, is all about butterflies.

Dubbed the “Butterfly Bouquet”, these bouquets look exactly as they sound!

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Made with beautiful, fake butterflies that replace the typical roses or daises you might find at the flower shop, butterfly bouquets come in all different colors.

And they even come stuffed with lights on the inside to make each bouquet illuminate!

Courtesy of @melinovatr

So you might even say that these trending bouquets are even prettier than the flower bouquets you can find at the grocery store.

And not to mention these bouquets, will never die!

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Perfect for Valentine’s day to give to a loved one, a birthday present for a friend or as a gift for your mom on Mother’s day, these butterfly bouquets can be used for any occasion!

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You can find these gorgeous, illuminated butterfly bouquets currently on Etsy.

But my favorite one so far, has to be this deep blue butterfly bouquet that you can find, here.

Courtesy of @melinovatr

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