You Can Get A Queso Scented Candle and It Sounds Cheesy

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I love a good candle. The lovely smell of Clean Linen, Candied Apple, Raspberries — and Cheese?


That’s right, cheese lovers, QDOBA Mexican restaurant has come out with a Queso Candle. It’s a take on their most popular menu item, the Three-Cheese Queso.

I’m not 100% sure how I feel about this Queso Candle. I mean, I love candles, and I love cheese, but I don’t know that I love a Cheese Candle.

Maybe it’s because I’ve never actually had the QDOBA Three-Cheese Queso. *Gasp* I know.

I do love a good Taco Tuesday. Maybe I should get this candle, and burn it in celebration every Tuesday. Yum. Now I want a taco.

This Queso Candle goes on sale at 1pm on December 10. It is just unique enough, I bet it goes pretty quickly.

Come to think of it, this might be a GREAT gift for my husband! He is stupid-hard to shop for, but he LOVES mexican food. This Queso Candle might just be PERFECT!


Okay, QDOBA, you got me! Count me with those who are going to be in line to get one of these Queso Candles. Just go ahead and take my money now.

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Via Pic76 on Etsy

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