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You Can Get Middle Finger Muscle Arms for Your Chickens That Have Attitude

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If you’ve never seen chickens wearing arms before, then you have missed out on one of the most hilarious things ever.

We have shared a few different types of arms you can buy for your chickens to wear in the past, including Tiny Arms, Hulk Arms, and even T-Rex Arms!

There was a time that I had a chicken farm, and I can promise you right now… if I still had them I would have arms to put on them.

The hilarity of chickens strutting around the yard with tiny arms is something everyone needs to experience.

If you happen to have some chickens with attitude, then these chicken arms where they are flipping the bird are perfection!

The Middle Finger Muscle Arms for Chickens are made with a 3D printer using PLA plastic.

gsbridlecharms – Etsy customer review

PLA plastic is very lightweight and durable, so it will hold up great during some chicken shenanigans.

Since PLA plastic is pretty flexible you can use it on both large and small chickens, I even saw some on a duck and parrot!

Kiley – Etsy customer review

LMAOOO I love this😭 I bought this for open of my ducks who have a bit of anger issues

Kiley – Etsy customer review

Imagine the hilarious photos you can take for internet memes with the Middle Finger Muscle Arms for Chickens!

Kasey Munsch – Etsy customer review

Perfection. Surprisingly lightweight and a nice fit for Peeps, my Green Cheek Conure. He was THRILLED! 😂

Kasey Munsch – Etsy customer review

They have 24 color options for your Middle Finger Muscle Arms for Chickens, so if you wanted you could match them to each chicken that you have with attitude.

I read the reviews and people are absolutely in love with these tiny attitude arms!

The Etsy shop that makes these also make some other fun middle finger-themed products such as cookie cutters, and I just added those to my Etsy cart!

There are several shops on Etsy that sell chicken arms and it looks like most of them are also selling this fun new rude yard bird version.

These would make a great fun gift for the chicken lover in your life, and if the chicken lover is you… please please please post photos! 

You can buy your own Middle Finger Muscle Arms for Chickens on Etsy!

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