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Build-A-Bear Workshop Just Restocked The Winnie The Pooh Bear And He Is Perfect

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I love everything about Winnie The Pooh. I love his books, I love his movies, I love his ride at Disney World, I even have Pooh collectibles around my house.

So, I was super excited when I saw that Build-A-Bear brought back it’s Winnie The Pooh Bear. I missed him the first time around, and I was not happy about that.

He is an online EXCLUSIVE bear. You cannot buy him unstuffed; he only comes in a bundle. He is pre-stuffed and dressed, and, I simply love him.

Build-A-Bear Workshop

Gah! He is so cute. Oh Bother, he is the PERFECT Winnie The Pooh bear!

Build-A-Bear Workshop

This Pooh comes with a Pooh shirt, a honey pot, and a 6-in-1 Pooh sayings sound. Of course, it also comes in a Cub Condo, because NO Build-A-Bear is complete without his Cub Condo!

Build-A-Bear Workshop

Don’t you just love how the Cub Condo comes color free — so you can let your little one — or YOU — custom color your bear’s home. I think that is such a GREAT touch!

Build-A-Bear Workshop

The Winnie The Pooh, complete with all his accessories, will run you $50.75, and I already know a few people who will be getting him for for Christmas. It’s never too early to plan, am I right?!?

Build-A-Bear Workshop

That sound isn’t your tummy growling – it’s the adorable Disney Winnie the Pooh Bear venturing in from the Hundred Acre Wood! Winnie the Pooh Bear is always ready to lend a helping hand, but he’s enjoying a quick snack of hunny first! With his plush hunny pot, red Pooh T-shirt and Pooh 6-in-1 Sound included, this complete Winnie the Pooh Bear gift bundle makes a sweet gift for any Pooh fan.

Build-A-Bear Workshop
Build-A-Bear Workshop

Get your OWN Winnie The Pooh Build-A-Bear on the Build-A-Bear Workshop website. Don’t miss him, like me! Go ahead and just get him this time around! Don’t even question it. You know you have to have him.


I worked at Build-A-Bear for 4 years, and I am still never sick of all the bears they have. I have amassed quite a collection over the years. One of my FAVORITE bears ever to come out is the Dr. Seuss ‘Oh! The Place You’ll Go’ bear. Go check it out.

Build-A-Bear Workshop

If you are a Disney purist, they also have this STITCH bear, and he is just as cute as he is mischievous!

Build-A-Bear Workshop

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  1. I can’t wait till I Godmom ??I can’t wait to my Godmom ?? get better cause we’re going to to build a bear workshop to get my Winnie the Pooh

  2. Think just about everybody loves Pooh. My kids had the collection back about40 yrs ago.

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